Our Team

Raymond Beers:  LE Training Director

Formerly Ray served the nation in the U.S. Army overseas in Central America as well as the Middle East as a Combat Medic and an Airborne Ranger; adding specialty medical and combat skill sets over the years including Jungle Expert, Pathfinder and Expert Field Medic. He was an NBC (Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical) NCO as well a CTI instructor for Land Navigation and Camouflage.  After leaving Military Service as an NCO, Ray continued to further his knowledge and skill sets in marketing, sales, design, and new product development with a firearms and accessory manufacturer. This allowed him to use his real world experience toward making products that will benefit real world users.

Ray has once again been called to serve his community, he joined his local Sheriff’s Department where he is currently a Sergeant. In addition to the duties that his rank requires for the department, he is also a General Instructor, Training Officer, and an active instructor at the Training Academy. He regularly attends and develops specialty training for the Department.

His knowledge gained while in the military is merely a foundation for the skills he uses and passes on today, he joined our team in 2006. His experience training military and Law Enforcement ensure Sleeker Tactical offers the most current and up to date tactics and training protocols. Raymond Beers is an invaluable asset to Sleeker Tactical and it’s customers.  RLTW



Zachary Swant:  Product Development Team Lead

Former United States Marine and certified technician for Harley-Davidson and Kawasaki motorcycles.  Zach’s first enlistment stationed him in Camp Pendleton California where he served as an electronics maintenance technician for three years. He then deployed during O.E.F to Iraq, during this tour he extended his contract and upon PCS-ing state side he re-classed and re-deployed overseas as a Marine Security Guard (MSG). Where he worked closely with the Department of State, Diplomatic Security, to keep multiple overseas missions secure. Serving at three different Embassies on three different continents, he obtained the rank of Sergeant. Zach’s attention to detail, above average mechanical aptitude and technical insight combined with his tactical training and experience gained while serving in the USMC, gives Zach a much needed insight as to what works and why. He is a valued member of the team at Sleeker Tactical.

Semper Fi.


Larry Walker: Land Management and Range Development



William Blocker: Owner Sleeker Tactical Precision and Sleeker Tactical Products Group

Founder of Sleeker Tactical. William has been manufacturing and designing products in the tactical shooting community for over 20 years. He enlisted in the U.S. Army and served 6 years as a unit supply specialist and  armorer. Since then he has dedicated much of his life to the firearms industry. Becoming a Certified Armorer for Beretta, Glock, Heckler and Koch, and Sig Sauer. He designed and developed some of the most desired products manufactured today by GG&G out of Tucson, Arizona. His extensive knowledge of the firearms industry along with his partnerships within the firearm community will ensure you are never without a solution.





Don Berg: Production engineer and Chief Electrician, Don’s experience in the Navy as a Submariner ensures that we get exacting standards when it comes to precision. Which is as critical now as it was when he was fitting the screen doors to the sub, after all it is in our name. He keeps our reactors core temperature stable and at full power.

Dan Berg: Systems buyer and contributor to daily operations, if your fuel tanks are running on empty Dan is there to lend some guidance and an encouraging word. Also coffee, he supplies us coffee. He truly is irreplaceable.

Salvatore J. Coniglione: Shipping and receiving without Sal no body gets product. Handles all in bound materials and out bound shipping needs.

Sean Dimmick: Strategic planner for our consumer products division, National Retail sales integration manager

Kyle Torpey: Internal website support, product design and Cad engineer.